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The Victorville Church Service for All

Welcome to Life Church! If you’re looking for diverse and inclusive church services in Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Adelanto (High Desert), you’ve come to the right place. Our 90-minute service is held from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Sunday. Expect a high-energy celebration of Christ! Our interactive services feature inspirational live music and a sermon from Pastor Paul, who followed his heart and carried out God’s divine plan for him when he came to the United States from Jamaica in the 1990s.

Pastor Paul was called to start a nondenominational church congregation in the High Desert, providing members of the local community with the opportunity to become disciples of Christ. We believe that by bringing together a diverse community and inspiring our members to strengthen their relationship with God, we can spread the loving message of Jesus Christ to those who need it most. We create disciples of all ages and teach them to go out and create even more disciples. We call upon every member of our congregation to empower themselves through a life of spiritual service. After you experience one of Pastor Paul's sermons, you’ll be inspired to connect to people and call them to the church just like Jesus Christ did.

A Welcoming Community at an Apple Valley Nondenominational Church

Here at Life Church, all are welcome to our church services. We don’t care about where you were born, what you look like, what culture you come from, or what you’ve been through in the past. Whether you’re a single individual, a couple, or a large group, you’ll be invited into our loving nondenominational church with open arms. We’re kid friendly, and along with our main service, we also offer Sunday school classes for young children.

You can expect crowds of 200 people or more, making for an exciting and energetic service. We’re always looking to expand our family, so if you’re ready to experience what God has waiting for you, please join us at our next service.

(760) 995-3217
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