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MALAWI Grace of God Orphanage

In 2004, God brought Kristie to Malawi miraculously, unexpectedly and quite quickly with a church group to see orphans. Prior to this, she had no desire to serve God in this manner. While Kristie was there with the Christian organization, God divinely crossed her path with a native Malawian man who was caring for several orphans. So, at 21 years old, Kristie and Trevor, her husband got on a plane and went back to Malawi. While visiting with the Malawian man God had given them an overwhelming amount of compassion for the orphaned children. They promised they would be back and in the meantime would send whatever money they could. During the year away, God had provided enough money to build a school building and provided money during their second trip to build their first orphanage.

God had stretched their hearts to see that all of this is HIS WORK and that they must trust Him with it. Kristie and Trevor eventually started the non-profit organization "Grace of God Orphanage" (Grace of God Orphanage). Starting a non-profit was never their dream; however God is the One who gave them exactly what was needed to worship Him and exercise their faith in Him through founding Grace of God Orphanage. However, they soon came to realize that God's vision for Grace of God Orphanage was bigger than them. So, they began to pray for help with the mighty task of running Grace of God Orphanage. Then by God's divine appointment God connect Kristie with Sharron of Life Church and through much prayer and guidance Grace of God Orphanage was adopted by Life Church on January 1, 2013.

Each day we see God's hand working things out for His glory in new ways through Life Church for Grace of God Orphanage. Part of the vision given to Pastor Paul of Life Church is to take Grace of God Orphanage to the next level – upgrading them for impact! Through Life Church and many other supporters our goal is to bring the love of Christ not only to the orphaned children at Grace of God Orphanage but to the surrounding villages and into the whole nation of Malawi. We want to equip the children to become fruitful Disciples of Christ and to bear fruit that remains (John 15:4). Sometimes we take for granted the small blessings that God provides us with but here these children have so much joy even though they are living in poverty. So, to do our part we want to provide them with the bare necessities: a remodeled school/church building and orphanage with electricity, running water, beds, mosquito nets, fully working bathrooms, and at least three hot meals a day. We currently house 21 kids but we want to open the doors to all the orphaned children to further fulfill God's purpose for Grace of God Orphanage.

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We’re excited to announce that in March of 2017, Life Church will be traveling to Machilipatnam, India to spread the Love of the Lord and His gospel. While there we will be visiting Orphan’s Faith Home & Jesus Children’s Home. There we will have the privilege of hosting a Vacation Bible School for the children at both homes. Not only will we feed these spiritually, but we will also help nurture their lives by teaching the adults at Jesus Children's Home how to sew and by taking a medical team with us to extend help to those in need.



Orphan's Faith Home houses and educates over 250 children, and Jesus Children's Home currently has 45 children and adults all living with HIV. On this trip it is our mission to show these children and adults the Love that can only be found in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that you will serve either by going, praying for those who are going, and/or by providing financially for the trip altogether. If you have any questions about the upcoming India trip or would like the details concerning the team meetings, please feel free to email Robin at If you would like to support one of the Orphan's or adults at Jesus Children's Home just click the "Come Alive World" link below, and click on support.

Come Alive World


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